Course presenters: Paul Melis / Casper van Leeuwen (SURFsara)

Date and time: see Schedule 2018

The workshop aims to provide hands-on visualization experience that is usable in your research/work. You will have a broader understanding of the different visualization domains, understand the difference between information and scientific visualization and learn different visualization techniques.

The workshop is divided in a first part on scientific visualization, in which we will use ParaView. The second part is on information visualization, which will be based on several well-known Python visualization packages within a Jupyter Notebook environment.

Finally, we’ll give a short overview of remote visualization, which is usable for visualization of large-scale data sets using the SURFsara infrastructure.


– Understand different visualization domains and techniques
– Hands-on experience in using ParaView for scientific visualization
– Hands-on experience in using Jupyter notebook and several Python
packages for information visualization
– Understand the concept and use cases of remote visualization

Target group:

Anyone that is interested in data visualization, using open-source tools. More specifically, researchers and students that work with scientific datasets and want to apply visualization techniques for analysis, gaining insight and/or communication.


  • Possibility to install ParaView on the laptop
  • You can bring your own data in case you’d like to experiment with visualizing it