Downloads course 2017

  1. kick-off october 23:
    1. slides Anton Feenstra
    2. Slides Henri Bal
  2. linux & cluster computing october 23
    1. Queueing systems command cheatsheet
    2. slides and examples
    3. Running R on LISA
    4. Obtaining an account on LISA
  3. Data intensive computing october 27
    1. Slides
  4. Deep Learning 0ctober 30
  5. GPU programming november 1
    1. Slides
    2. Exercises
    3. Instructions
    4. UsingSURFsara
  6. Tekst analysis with R, november 6
    1. See the class material here
  7. Data management, november 10
    1. RDM Slides Jolien Scholten
    2. Readings:
      1. LibGuide Research Data Essentials. Read the text and watch the movies. Accessible online for everyone. Although the LibGuide was made by the VU Library, the contents are also relevant for participants from other institutions.
      2. Michener, W. (2015). Ten Simple Rules for Creating a Good Data Management Plan, Plos Computational Biology 11 (10).
      3. Wilkinson, M.D. et al. (2016). The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship. Scientific Data 3. doi:10.1038/sdata.2016.18
    3. Assignment:
      1. Prepare a Data Management Plan (DMP) for your upcoming data collection using the format provided by the University Library (DMPTemplate_RDMTraining_HPC). If you are employed by the VU, you can consult the research support pages on VUnet for more background information that you can use when writing your DMP. If you work at another institution, you can try to find information about research data management at your own institution’s website. We kindly request you to have a DMP by the time you come to the workshop, so that we can discuss the issues you encountered while writing it. Your DMP is a living document, so the first version doesn’t have to be perfect. When you have written a first draft, it will enable you to contribute to the discussions during the workshop in a useful way. In addition, in this way you will get the most out of this workshop.
      2. Additional information: 171101_InformationSecurity_RDMGuidelines_v0.2 and 171101_InformationSecurity_ConfidentialityMatrix
    4. Privacy wetenschappelijk onderzoek Tom Paffen
    5. Slides SURFsara
  8. HPC Cloud november 13
    1. link to the hands-on
  9. Scientific Visualisation
    1. Information visualisation courseVU
    2. paraview-overview
    3. surfsara-visualization-infrastructure
    4. introduction